Current students

[Istvan] Istvan David
Postdoctoral fellow
Collaborative modeling and task schduling optimization at BNC
[Théo] Théo Le Calvar
Postdoctoral fellow (co-supervised with Frédéric Jouault [ESEO-Tech])
Constraint solvers as primitive operator for multi-paradigm model transformations
[Manouchehr] Manouchehr Zadahmad
Ph.D candidate
Domain-specific version control systems
[MohammadAmin] MohammadAmin Zaheri
Ph.D student (co-supervised with Michalis Famelis)
Model-data co-evolution
[Sogol] Sogol Faridmoayer
Ph.D student
Multi-view modeling and composition
Sadegh Aalizadeh
Ph.D student (co-supervised with Houari Sahraoui)
Model-driven visualization of software evolution
[Louis-Édouard] Louis-Édouard Lafontant
M.Sc. thesis
Generating web-based projectional editors
[Aurelien] Aurelien Ducoin
M.Sc. thesis
Graphical projectional editor generator
[Amara] Amara Sountoura
M.Sc. internship
Industrial internship
[Sokhna] Sokhna Maimouna Mbacke
M.Sc. internship
Industrial internship


You can access masters and doctoral thesis of my former students in Papyrus.


  • Chihab eddine Mokaddem, Ph.D (2021): Design pattern detection and refactoring in model transformations (co-supervised with Houari Sahraoui)
  • Vasco Sousa, Ph.D (2021): Adapting modeling environments to domain-specific interactions
  • Huseyin Ergin, Ph.D (2017): Design pattern driven development of model transformations


  • Vitaliy Nikitchin, M.Sc. thesis (2021): Model manipulation in graph databases
  • Md Rifat Hossain, M.Sc. thesis (2021): Multi-touch modeling editors (co-supervised with Houari Sahraoui)
  • Khady Fall, M.Sc. thesis (2020): Evolution of domain-specific languages depending on external libraries
  • Sébastien Ehouan, M.Sc. project (2020): Completing the development of J-T-Core
  • Antoine Gagnon, M.Sc. internship (2019): Mobile development
  • Zakaria Bouchlih, M.Sc. internship (2019): Developping an activity planner for the Services aux Étudiants
  • Safaa Allamy, M.Sc. project (2019): Automatic generation of reports on conducting systematic reviews
  • Constantin Masson, M.Sc. thesis (2019): Framework for real-time collaboration on extensive data types using strong eventual consistency
  • Baila Khan, M.Sc. internship (2018): Development of cloud services
  • Brice-Michel Bigendako, M.Sc. thesis (2018): ReLiS: a flexible tool for conducting systematic reviews iteratively and collaboratively
  • Lechanceux Luhunu Kavuya, M.Sc. thesis (2017): Survey on template-based code generation
  • Louis Andiazabal, M.Sc. internship (2017): Automatic modernization of RPG legacy applications
  • Miguel Gamboa, M.Sc. thesis (2016): Using workflows to automate activities in MDE tools
  • Brian LaShomb, M.Sc. project (2014): T-Core: a framework for custom-built model transformation
  • Conner Hansen, M.Sc. thesis (2013): Towards Statecharts refinement



  • Naima Essadi, Visiting scholar (2021): Domain-specific modeling language composition (co-supervised with Adil Anwar [École Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs])
  • Romain Testoud, Visiting intern (2019): Cross-platform development with Electron
  • Bentley Oakes, Visiting scholar (2018): Bridging AToMPM and the Modelverse
  • Robin Donnay, Visiting intern (2018): Connecting a modeling server for collaborative modeling
  • Thierry Girard, Visiting intern (2018): Connecting a client for collaborative modeling
  • Daniel Riegelhaupt, Visiting scholar (2014): Domain-specific textual editor
  • Loli Burgueno, Visiting intern (2014): Concurrent & distributed model transformations
  • Simon Van Mierlo, Visiting intern (2013): Modeling foundations

Looking for students!

I am currently looking for motivated and hard working Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. students who are interested in working on one of my research interests or any interesting topic mutually agreed on.

In particular, I am looking for students with one of the following expertise/background:

  • Software engineering
  • Model-driven engineering
  • Discrete simulation design
  • Databases, distributed systems
  • Empirical studies
  • Mobile platforms development
  • Embedded systems development
  • Formal methods, mathematical experience
  • Major/minor/experience in a discipline other than computer science

Course requirement

Undergraduate, especially look at the project course IFT 3150


Doctorate, especially look at the Predoc general exam

Students shall choose courses from the following list, unless we have mutually agreed otherwise:

  • For graduate level:
    • IFT 6253: Model-based design   (required)
    • IFT 6252: Empirical methods   (required)
    • IFT 6755: Software analysis   (required)
    • IFT 6232: Compilation   (strongly recommended)
    • IFT 6282: Semantic web
    • IFT 6757: Autonomous vehicles
    • IFT 6758: Data science
    • IFT 6561: Simulation - stochastic aspects
    • IFT 6575: Methods in operations research
    • IFT 6010: Artificial intelligence
    • IFT 6390: Foundations of machine learning
    • LOG 6307: Release Engineering -- Applications of Mining Software Repositories    (Polytechnique)
    • LOG 6306: Patterns for program comprehension    (Polytechnique)
    • LOG 6953: Human-Centered Inquiry for Software and Computer Engineering    (Polytechnique)
    • LOG 6305: Advanced software testing techniques    (Polytechnique)
    • ECSE 437: Software delivery    (McGill)
    • SOEN 691: Mining Large Software System Data for DevOps    (Concordia)
  • For undergraduate level:
    • IFT 3911: Software analysis and design   (required)
    • IFT 3150: Software project   (required)
    • IFT 3913: Software quality and metrics   (strongly recommended)
    • IFT 2905: Human-computer interfaces
    • IFT 2935: Databases
    • IFT 3065: Programming languages and compilation
    • IFT 3165: Analysis of programming languages
    • IFT 3335: Artificial intelligence -- introduction
    • ONLINE: Programmer's toolbox   (strongly recommended)    (Online)

Students can seek help to improve their French writing skills at the Centre de communication écrite.

Meeting schedule

I am generally available to meet Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST, unless specified otherwise.