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Constantin MASSON
Master Student in Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Montreal
Département d'Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnelle (DIRO)
Office: André-Aisenstadt 2238
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About me

  • I am currently a M.Sc student in Computer Science at the University of Montreal and member of the GEODES Software Engineering Research Group. My main research interests are on Real-time Programming and Software Engineering. My mindset is toward clean and reusable code. I also have a deep interest in UNIX like systems, being myself a GNU/Linux follower. I pay attention to code optimization and performance, specially in C and C++.

  • I also have a great interest for Video Game Development, specially Game Engines. I participate in several Game Jam like the Montreal Global Game Jam and the JamNation. I learning about maths for games and 3D rendering.

My works

  • Github

    This is the den of my main personal works. I currently spend most of my time with C++ programming.

  • GameJam Games

    These are some games I did during several GameJams. (Usually 48h hours to create a Game).

  • Gitlab

    Used only for some little things like my linux configurations. (Synchronized with coco-settings-manager).

Teaching and Publications

  • Teacher Assistant in Software Engineering

    I was teacher assistant for the course IFT-3911: Software Analyse and Conception at the University of Montreal.
  • Publication CommitMDE 2017

    C. Masson, J. Corley, and E. Syriani. Feature Model for Collaborative Modeling Environments. Workshop on Collaborative Modelling in MDE. oct (2017).

Some lectures and books I liked

Things I do when I am not coding

Coding is awesome, but doing other things is really great as well! Part of them are:
  • Guitar

    It's been over 8 years since I started playing the guitar and I really love it. I don't have a band at the moment but to compensate this terrible fate, I play in a guitar duo.

  • Juggling and Poi spinning

    I'm juggling with balls and clubs, but my main juggling activity is spinning poi. It's actually hard to describe what Poi is, so, here a video of the art: Fire Poit, Marvin Ong. (It's not me, I'll upload one of myself soon).

  • Cycle trip

    I like traveling with my cycle (And a friend, more fun). From just a couple of days to a whole month, each experience is great! We have been in several location so far (Though always in France so far).

  • Photography

    Photography has been an important activity for a while and I still like it. For now, it's not my focus, though I still have my dear camera friend Nikon. My old photography project is Straven-art.

  • Video Games

    Video Games are a really interesting fusion of art and technology. I like traveling and dreaming inside a game universe. I don't have that much time to play video games but these are some games that I really loved:

    • The Last of Us
    • The Witcher 3
    • Far Cry 4
    • Mass Effect trilogy
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Child of Light
    • Borderland 2
    • Beyond 2 Souls
    • StarCraft 2
    • Warcraft 3

  • Other things

    There are obviously many other things. Hanging out, reading, watching movies sometime, concerts, events or board games with friends. I also like Pandas and the Nature.