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Constantin MASSON
Master Student in Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Montreal
Département d'Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnelle (DIRO)
Office: André-Aisenstadt 2238
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About me

  • I am currently a M.Sc student in Computer Science at the University of Montreal and member of the GEODES Software Engineering Research Group. My main research interests are on Real-time Programming and Software Engineering. My mindset is toward clean and reusable code. I pay attention to code optimization and performance, specially in C++ and C. I have a deep interest in UNIX like systems.

  • I also have a great interest for Video Game Development, specially Game Engines. I'm learning about 3D rendering, game engine architectures and realtime programming. I have been part of several gamejam such as the Global GameJam 2018 (Where our game was nominated) and the CreativeJam 2018. This last one was an interesting challenge since we implemented with a teammate, a basic GameEngine from scratch in 46h.

My works

Things I do when I am not coding

Coding is awesome, but doing other things is really great as well! Part of them are:
  • Guitar and music
  • Juggling (Fire Poi)
  • Cycle trip
  • Photography (My old project: Straven-art)
  • Video Games
  • Pandas, the Nature and Hot chocolate